Secure your wordpress

Login Security Solution

a plugin which requires very strong passwords, repels brute force login attacks, prevents login information disclosures, expires idle sessions, notifies admins of attacks and breaches, permits administrators to disable logins for maintenance or emergency reasons and reset all passwords.

BulletProof Security

htaccess Core Website Security (Firewalls)
BulletProof Security protects your WordPress website against XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64,
ode Injection and SQL Injection… hacking attempts. One-click .htaccess WordPress security protection. Protects wp-config.php,
bb-config.php, php.ini, php5.ini, install.php and readme.html with .htaccess security


a plugin that will block any IP address that tries to flood or spam your website. It will limit the number of login attempts and monitor all live traffic. It’s being updated and maintained regularly, so you can count on it being on top of all your security issues.

Better WP Security

plugin that will allow you to sleep a little better at night. It’s really a full package, but you should read the FAQ section first before activating it, as it makes some significant changes to your database that you should be aware of.


free plugin that backs up both your WordPress files and database. I can recommend this plugin because I use it on many websites and I’ve never had any issues with it. There are, of course, a lot of other free and paid backup plugins out there and you are welcome to try them all until you find the one which suits you, but please put one to use.

The things for hardening WordPress

Making sure your WordPress installation has the latest updates
Minimizing the number of plugins you use (and deleting the ones you don’t)
Choosing passwords that are difficult to crack
Performing regular data backups
Protecting your WordPress using .htaccess

Protect your blog posts

This plug helps you to protect your blog content from getting copied. A simple plug-in developed to stop the Copy cats

Disable selection of text
Disable right click on your blog
No side-effect on SEO
Search engines can read your content without any problem.
User specific setting

Computer repair tips to enhance the speed

If you are system is not performing in the way as it used then it’s time to go through these free PC self-repair tips. It is easy to find a computer repair service in your area but then they will charge you a heavy amount just for visiting your place or examining it. The cost to repair it would be addition. So, it is better to try out these computer repair tips once if the problem is not that serious. Before we begin, it is always advisable to take a backup of all your important data and to follow these only if you have a basic knowledge.

Your system may develop a few glitches or faults over a period of time that will affect its speed. In such a scenario, you should first check the amount of hard disk available. The less is the space available the slower will be your system. In that case, you can delete the unnecessary applications that you never use and delete redundant files. There are times when we unzip a few files but then the zipped version is also lying in our system. Make sure you get rid of one of those copies. You can also transfer some of your data on other storage medium like CD’s or USB’s.

Next, you must defragment your system on a regular basis. It also frees up a lot of unutilized space on your hard disk. It is possible that your system might have slowed down because of a virus effect. Scan your system with a nice antivirus program. Ensure that the system firewall is turned on. Some of these viruses affect your registry as well that also lowers the system processor. There are a number of softwares available that specifically scan and repair your registry.

Even after applying so many techniques you cannot see a visible change in the performance you can re-install your operating system. Before doing so, make sure that you have a data backup because all your files will be lost during the process and you also have the required drivers for the system. Apart from that make a list of programs that have been installed on your system so that you do not have to think later. All the above tips should hopefully help you speed up your system and you can work comfortably as you used to.

Remove Do Searches

Sure, many users call Do Searches prog as a virus or malware one because it gets to show up on your computer without any permission, redirecting your browser to unknown sites and commercial pop-up notifications. Once you get Do Searches inside accidently you should to remove it.

Eliminate Do Searches
via Add/Remove Programs list

1.Click Start -> Control Panel -> Programs (or Add/Remove Programs) -> Uninstall a Program.
2.Here, look for Do Searches and other unknown entries, and select ‘Uninstall/Change’.
3.Click OK to save the changes.

Remove Do Searches add-on from your browsers

Internet Explorer
1.Open Internet Explorer, go ‘Tools‘ -> ”Manage Add-ons’ -> ‘Toolbars and Extensions’.
2.Here, look for DoSearches and similar entries, and click ‘uninstall’.
3.After that, change the start page to get rid of

Mozilla Firefox:
1.Open Mozilla Firefox, go ‘Tools’ -> ‘Add-ons’ -> ‘Extensions’.
2.Find Do Searches and similar entries, and click ‘Uninstall’.
3.Once you do that, don’t forget to change the start page.

Google Chrome:
1.Click the Chrome menu button on the Google Chrome browser, select Tools -> Extensions.
2.Here, look for Do Searches and other unknown extensions and get rid of them by clicking on the Recycle Bin.
3.After that, change the settings of your start page.

Internet Security

What is Botnets? This is bots, or robots, serve a command computer, carrying out automated functions at their master’s bidding. Common bot crimes include denial-of-service, extortion, identity theft, spam, and fraud. Multiple infected computers together form a botnet, with each individual computer also termed a zombie.

Who are crackers? They are individuals with extensive computer knowledge whose purpose is to breach or bypass internet security. The general view is that, while hackers build things, crackers break things. Also known as a Black Hat Hacker.

Cyberterrorism In the most extreme sense of the term, cyberterrorism encompasses a computer-based act (a threat or an attack) perpetrated with the express intent of inspiring fear and performed in the name of some sort of ideology.

By the way, the term “hacker” generally refers to any person who enjoys understanding, modifying, and exploring programmable systems, particularly computers and computer systems. “Hacker” has been used to describe individuals who bypass security measures for malicious purposes or criminal activity; however, most people within the hacker community refer to these individuals as “Crackers.”

Malware is an abbreviated term meaning “malicious software.” This is software that is specifically designed to gain access or damage a computer without the knowledge of the owner. There are various types of malware including spyware, keyloggers, true viruses, worms, or any type of malicious code that infiltrates a computer. Generally, software is considered malware based on the intent of the creator rather than its actual features.

Pharming refers to an attempt by a hacker to redirect a website’s traffic to another site, developed for the purpose of stealing information from users. Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in either the host files on a personal computer or on the domain name system (DNS) server software. DNS servers work to direct information on the internet, similar to a road map for traffic. Compromised DNS servers are referred to as “poisoned.”

Rogue security software, or “scareware,” masquerades as genuine security software, while in actuality reporting incorrect results of fake malware scans. Most people are tricked into installing rogue security software when a pop-up window appears on their screen informing them that their computer may be infected, or as a result of SEO poisoning.

Replacing a Power Supply on PC

If you face the problem with your desktop PC’s power supply you can solve the task only replacing your desktop PC’s power supply but not repair it.

1/Turn off your PC, unplug it, and remove your computer’s case.

2/Make sure the new power supply’s cables will plug into the correct spots by putting a strip of masking tape on the end of each plug and writing down its destination.

3/Unplug the power cables from the motherboard.

4/Unplug the power cables from the hard drives and the CD/DVD burners.

5/Remove the four screws that hold the power supply to the computer’s case.

6/Lift out the power supply.

7/Plug your new power supply into the wall before installing it.

8/Make sure that the power supply’s voltage is set correctly.

9/Place the new power supply in the old one’s place, and tighten the screws, then reconnect the cables to the motherboard, the drives, the fans, and the power switch.

10/Reconnect the power cord and plug your computer back in then turn on the power and see whether it works.


The electronic voting is present in our life. We should forget that we only need paper and glass urns for making safe voting processes. In fact, electronic voting is safer that other types of voting. Corruption has less space. All the process is controlled by a computer, so it’s more difficult to manipulate them. This is something to pay attention in order to do fairer elections.

Once more, technology makes our life easier. It’s necessary to see it like something useful and secure for all kind of things, even elections. its error margin is so little, less than handmade processes, which gives a completely security.

A lot of important daily routines are made by electronic processes: bank payments, online shopping… even things related with health are made with electronic machines. Why not voting?

Maybe the most important problem that these machines have are problems related with usability. Young people are used to manipulate electronic machines: mobiles, computer, videogames consoles… But some adults and people that are more than fifhty or sixty years old aren’t so able to use them. They see complications and don’t find so easy to make important things like voting. This is the principal reason why governments haven’t set electronic voting yet. Electronic voting machines aren’t complicated. They are so easy how pressing the bottom of the candidate you want to select. But, of course, it’s easier writing the name of your favourite in a paper and to insert it in an urn.

There are many electronic voting companies that sell their products by internet. Take a look making searches in any search engine. These machines are able to be used not only in governmental elections, also in clubs or other kind of organization. In fact, most of electronic voting machines are purchased by private organizations.

Many countries are using electronic voting system already. Brazil, United States or Canada are some examples. This system offers a faster way of counting the votes. It’s not necessary to wait much time for knowing the results. Of course, you have to trust in the machines and in the technology.

Free Antivirus for Windows 2013

There are many free antivirus’s programms you can choose the most suited to your computer. here is some of them I’d like to recommend to check out:

Free Avast is Antivirus includes fully functional antivirus, antispyware, and heuristics engines.
Includes real-time protection of files, email, web surfing, p2p transfers, instant messages, and even suspicious behavior.
Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP are all supported operating systems for avast! Free Antivirus.
you need to get yearly registration to continue use.
Free updates

Free AVG Anti-Virus includes fully functional antivirus and antispyware engines.
LinkScanner feature to protect you from websites that host malicious software.
works with Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP are all supported operating systems for AVG Anti-Virus Free.
includes Email scanner
Free updates

Free Bitdefender Antivirus Edition provides state-of-the-art, proactive protection from e-threats, including online banking attacks.

Free Comodo Antivirus 6 offers a protection from viruses and other malware
regularly updated,
works with Windows 7, Vista, and XP

Free Immunet FREE Antivirus 3 Fast Antivirus Protection which won’t slow down your PC
Provides several scan options:
Flash Scan (Process and Registry)
Custom Scan (Specific Files and Directories)
Full System Scan

Free Kingsoft Antivirus protects your system without constantly bugging you with warning messages and desktop notifications. In Kingsoft AntiVirus you’ll find all the basic features you would expect from this kind of tool: real time protection, automatic updates and different types of scan – full, quick and custom. Plus Kingsoft AntiVirus also includes special filters to protect your IM chats and file downloads, and also keep your USB devices safe from viruses.

The average new-build home in Britain in 2013

The housing market in the UK is notoriously difficult right now. One of the problems is the short supply of homes on offer. Commenters have said that the UK is not building the number of nor the type of houses that its citizens are happy to live in. Lack of storage space persists and glorified cupboards are being sold as ‘extra bedrooms’ to bump up the price of the property. These are all-too-common complaints which paint a sad picture of new housing in 2013.

So what does the average new build property in 2013 look like? Well, it’s small. Up to 80% smaller than the average German home and still 15% smaller than the average Irish home. These new homes lack the large windows which let in natural light and the high ceilings that are often sold as ‘period features’. Inner city households particularly will struggle with the lack of ‘extra’ private space in the home.

Meanwhile, homelessness is an increasing trend in London – despite Mayor Boris Johnson’s 2009 pledge to end rough sleeping in the capital. Some feel that Johnson spends too much time campaigning for tax cuts rather than enough time trying to solve the problems of homelessness. Another major factor in London’s rough sleeping crisis is the rising prices of London’s land values and the lack of affordable short-term accommodation options.

Park Hill in Sheffield is an interesting project where a notorious council housing block is being turned into reasonably spacious flats for young professionals to buy. Rift tax specialists specialise in tax refunds and can help people to save towards a mortgage deposit by re-ordering their tax affairs.

What’s clear is that people value the ‘security’ of being a homeowner rather than a tenant. People are clearly compromising on their idea of an ideal or liveable home just to say that they are homeowners. Experts say that living in too-small homes with not enough natural light or independent study space for young children can be a real detriment to a healthy lifestyle and proper engagement with the schooling system.

Web Design Basic

Probably you’re a website owner, webmaster or web designer or just going to start to, never mind, you must be know pretty well already that there are some basic computer skills that help you to work more efficiently. So, creating your website it’s important to follow few basic rules on the way, such as:

You have to keep your things to be good organized on your computer, then it will be be much easier to you to manage with.

All folder details, such as name, file size and date last modified must be clearly viewed that also can facilitate your work very much.

Save all your files in Windows as well as open in Windous.
There is the menu item there that you can use to save a file to have control over where the files is saved and how it is named.

Learn bette Windows program/operating system because there so many ways to do different things.

Choose and create needed toolbar, for instance Google toolbar which offers a wide options to help you in different kind of work.

Find and change to the best display settings, including screen resolution, refresh rate, and color, based on your monitor.the screen resolution of your computer to get your computer at its best spec.

Dont forget about creating your backing files, so you don’t have to worry about thread safety issues.

Also it’s worth to look at Google Analytics – Optimizing Customer Experiences to learn something more about:

Google New Adds

There is an interesting development from Google. Now if you want to find any that thread that has been posted recently or a large discussion about a particular subject you can do it easily, just typing “ thread” to get complete information you look.

This is fairly useful if you’re searching for something specific as well as it’s quite cool to know that Google takes into account such needs going into this sort of depth to return results!